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Hi, I'm Auriel

I believe wholeheartedly that our bodies are in constant communication with us. We just need to listen! The headaches, the skin rash, the exhaustion are all signals that something is amiss.  Instead of asking, what is my body trying to tell me, we reach for the nearest painkiller or ointment or latte – a quick fix. But guess what, it’s really not a fix at all.  Believe me, I know!


What if you could find a real, lasting solution to your biggest wellness concerns? One that gets at the root cause and not just the symptoms.  As a certified holistic health coach, I help women get off auto pilot and get in tune to what their bodies really need (hint: it’s probably not another prescription or fad diet).  Once you start working with, rather than against your body, you’ll be amazed at how energized and empowered you become.

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